New Adventure

It is February  and I am in Orlando,  FLORIDA. That is where you would  find me every year.  I actually live in WISCONSIN. I am a grandma, and I have three grandchildren.  Two of them are boys, ages four and seven. They live with their parents  here in Orlando. Need I explain more? My time here is relaxed during the daytime.  The boys, their dad and mom, are at school or at work. Andrew is picked up from school by grandpa. He is the first home each day…usually gets a treat of ice cream of some sort. I have been homework helper through kindergarten,  first, and now, second grade.  I fill my time catching up with my Wisconsin friends, family and neighbors on Facebook,  and games played on the Samsung tablet. After the early morning passes, I go for a walk. I love to walk, and enjoy a change of scene from the neighborhood  at home. I take photographs  while I am here, and read lots of books. I have another new challenge, and spend time sketching. I haven’ done anything since we came here, except some bookmarks to use as I read. I love the sun. Not every day is sunny in Florida.


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